THE RICHES, HELP WITH THEIR CSR TO BUILD THE HALL OF THE POOR & THE NEEDY OF INDONESIA In the name of Allah God, May Peace upon you with the Blessing from Allah. There are thousand of billion US Dollars in the Bank in Panama under management of Mossack Fonseca, More thn 1,000 companies or personals of 200 countries’ money there. If my plan to build a US$6,000,000 building for the Poor and the Needy of Indonesia, it is around US$6,000 (six thousand United States Dollars DONATION per company. 75% of US$6million will be for the building, the balance 25% of it, will be for daily expenses, which we take only the 5%/year Bank Saving Interest of it. PEKADIN Foundation or the Defenders Of The Poor and The Needy, Founded on July 29, 2002. Registered in the Notary deed of Haryanto, SH. (Master of Law) Foundation was established in the capital city of Jakarta, Indonesia, a donation of gentlemen for the Weak and the Poor, yhose people who are experiencing disaster. Your charitable donation OF GENTLEMEN, can be donated through Bank Account: COMMONWEALTH Bank, Jakarta Branch, Indonesia. Account Number: 103-8980-538. for under name of: IE M. IBRAHIM AMPH. For more information about charities that we do, please contact us at: Phone: 0812 93 888 966 and 0857 2258 2567 Address: Nirwana Estate, Block BB #2, Cibinong 16915, West Jawa, Indonesia In the name of Allah God, I wish you all parties TRUST to me, to manage the operation of the Building for the Poor and the Needy of Indonesia. GOD ALLAH help us all with all gentlemen’s kindness and loving hearts. THE RICHES LISTED ON PANAMA PAPERS, HELP WITH THEIR CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY TO BUILD THE HALL OF THE POOR & THE NEEDY OF INDONESIA YAYASAN PEKADIN (PEMBELA KAUM DHUAFA INDONESIA); PEKADIN Foundation Listed Download company report in PDF‎ Panama Papers‎‎ Se revela filtración de documentos‎ de la firma Mossack Fonseca‎‎

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